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Do squirrels kill mice, rats, or birds?

For someone who has dealt with squirrel infestations before. It is easy to say that the cute and innocent look of the squirrels is a total deception. They are extremely destructive and irritating little animals. Chewing holes in the attic, damaging the structure, pooping and urinating all over the place and then attacking when you try to remove them from YOUR house.

For the rest of the world, they are adorable little creatures. They have fluffy hair and brushtails, and the way they come and eat food from your hand is so cute. People watch videos of squirrels eating nuts and berries. But is it all they eat. What about mice, rats and birds. Are squirrels herbivore (eat plants and such)?

Do they?

Squirrels are what you call herbivore predominantly. They give priority to nuts, berries, fruits and the likes as much as they can. But cases of squirrels attacking mice, rats and even birds are not a lie. Just because they trust humans and are not afraid to interact with us as much as other predators, people have the idea that they wouldn’t hurt a fly. In reality, the living in the wild is a life where adapting is key. If mice, rat enters a squirrel’s territory, it will try all it can to exterminate it. For them, this is a KEEP OUT! Sign.

Grey squirrels are known to kill and consume even their species. They are also known for being natural nest raiders. At this point, nesting birds flee when they spot this animal approaching. If they stay, the squirrel will kill the big birds as well. Then the remaining eggs and young birds are just food waiting to be consumed. Mice and rats will also be consumed to defeat hunger.

Why do they do it?

Most cases where squirrels attack and kill mice, rats or birds are in winter. In this season food becomes scarce, and people also don’t put as much and as frequently in feeders as they did before. This shortage of food forces the squirrels to look other methods to survive. This is when you will find squirrels raiding nests and hunting mice baby rats. They will try to find baby birds, eggs and small baby animals to eat. Even then they do not consume then the whole, part of the animal will be eaten, and the rest left.

Squirrels have stashes of food hidden in trunks and mostly buried underground. After spring the seed takes root and sprout, more trees but less food for squirrels. So, the only time when a squirrel will consume animals is if there is a shortage of food. They will even eat from animal carcasses to survive. Although, they might still kill to protect their territories.

How often do they do it?

These cases remain to be a rare happening despite there being multiple situations when it could take place. Birds are normally bigger than squirrels, so these fluffy mammals are cautious when they are around. Rats and mice tend to be a little more on the alert than even squirrels and would run back to their nest on the first sight of danger. This makes the squirrel's tactics a little hard to succeed.

Dealing with squirrels

Even after you have read all this, you shouldn’t be afraid of these animals. They hardly pose a threat to you. Your opinion about them might change, but remember that this is done only in dire cases. Follow a simple rule, don’t bother it and it won’t bother you.

If you have a squirrel infestation, start inspecting and then use one-way exclusion method to drive them out. Or you could call a pro to do it for you.

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